10hrs 21miles Pre Channel swim training

On Friday 30th June I completed my toughest training session to date. Swimming from Weymouth to Lulworth Cove and back, a distance of 21miles completed in 10hrs.

I was supported by Tom who’s been coaching swimmers for the Channel since 1951, a true legend. Marc Newman 6x Channel swimmer and record holder for being the only person to complete the furtherest crossing by starting from Dungeness , just to name a couple of his achievements. Ali Bud one of the Gangsta Grannies who completed a two person 2 way Channel Relay last year and Jon Tribbeck my training partner and future Channel Swimmer.

The swim didn’t go without any hitches at 8hrs 15min in I developed a shooting pain from my shoulder to my elbow. I couldn’t put any power through that arm and was relying of my right arm to propel me forward.

My biggest fear was causing damage to my arm that would affect my Channel attempt and for the following day I still couldn’t lift my arm adding to my worries. My support team were confident with rest, lots of Ibuprofen, massage and ice-packs it would ease. Thankfully they were right.

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