Durley sea swim Training update

10th June 17
Another 6hr today in difficult sea conditions. 0.8m choppy waves but the sun made a good appearance so all was good. 👍😀🌊🌊🏊🏻🏊🏻

5th June 17
Channel swim training.

6hr sub 16c qualifier swim completed on Saturday along with Hayley, Dan,& Naomi. Conditions started out perfect but I turned choppy 3hrs in.
Sunday I managed a 3hr swim.

21st May

Another 4hr sea swim today with Dan, in much better conditions and the sun shining.

Training going well.

20th May

Well after planning to do 3hr sea swim standing on the shore, sea temperature 13.6c and 0.8m waves. And at 1hr 40mins thinking ‘Bloody hell I feel cold’ couldn’t feel my feet and hands were blue. I managed to push on to complete 4hrs.

Happy with that!

15th May

Well after a good weekend training with the Durley Sea Swimmers by completing 2 and 3 hour sea swims on Saturday and Sunday, with sea temperature at 13c and conditions a bit bumpy. I followed this by 1.5hr Shirley pool swim Sunday evening, I’ve only 76 days left before my Charity Channel swim challenge.

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