Support Team & Thanks

Helen Mathews – Babysitter, photographer,  website editor and partner.

Neil Crooks – Website consultant & one of my best friends.

Dr Chris Cole- Medical advisor & motivator.

Marcus Wadsworth- Trainer, arse kicker & motivator.

Simon Gater- Peer mentor.

Jane Nichols- Beach Support,  website adviser and fundraising consultant.

Durley Sea Swimmers & Support Ground Crew

Just Swim swimmers- For fun and laughs because they’re loonies

Other Thanks to:

Marc Newman- stroke technique, and coaching.

Tom Watch- Coaching

Stuart Purcell- All round good egg, motivator and for allowing me to crew for him

Jon Tribbeck ‘Cold Wet Bloke’ Durley Sea Swims & Just Swim – Swimming companion

Sam Turling Just Swim & Salty Pirate Team – Swimming companion

Shirley Swimming Pool & Swimmers- Dave, Kev (team manager), Steve, Deano, Chris, Julia & John



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